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When we identified Almonds as a growth sector we pledged to not only develop the sector, but also bring back traditions that allowed it to flourish in the past and couple it with the best science can offer to ensure its viability for the farmers. These promises drove us forward to implement systems that will ensure the quality of the end product as well as the sustainability of the sector itself. Here we list some:

  1. In almonds, we start way before the season; we start with the fields themselves. To guarantee the best outcome for the customer as well as the farmer, we work with the farmers to design the new fields intended for almonds. We work with them on identifying the appropriate placement of pollinators and beehives to ensure maximum pollination, and most importantly selection of the almond varieties to be planted.
  2. Through regular field visits, we continuously check for infestations and moisture levels to prevent fungal attacks.
  3. Before the season, we work closely with the farmers to pick the best date for the harvest so as to ensure highest quantity and best quality.
  4. After harvest we collect the crops from the fields while inspecting every shipment.
  5. While our hulling and shelling lines are fully automated, we inspect the kernels by hand and sort them once more to eliminate any deformities or broken kernels.
  6. Then kernels are graded into five categories based on size.
  7. Once ready, kernels are stored in sealed vacuum bags with nitrogen injection for future orders.