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Bid No.Bid NameBid OwnerSponsorship ValueCityVillageBid datedate of bid openingBid Status
PWA/MoFP/2017/035-CTD Supply and installation of pumps, towers and electric panelsPalestinian Water Authority 70,000West BankWest Bank1/6/20173/7/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/GSD/AFD/2017/093REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST FOR CONSULTING SERVICE Palestinian Water Authority ....Jenin North of the West Bank30/05/201723/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/029-CTDThe project of establishing a water tank and rehabilitating the internal water network of Deir al-Ghosoun municipality / Tulkarm governorateDeir al-Ghosoun municipality90000Tulkarm governorateDeir al-Ghosoun municipality11/5/201713/06/2017Under offeringMore
P117449Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project - Phase IHebron Municipality...HebronHebron Municipality10/5/201706/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/025-CTDThe establishment of an internal water distribution network for Batir Municipality / Bethlehem GovernoratePalestinian Authority90000BethlehemBatir2/5/201705/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/026-CTD Project to establish a network of internal water distribution Municipality Qven / TulkaremPalestinian Authority90000TulkaremQafin2/5/201705/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/027-CTDEstablishment of an internal water distribution network for the Municipality of ArabaPalestinian Authority90000JeninAraba2/5/201707/06/2017Under offeringMore
P117443Water Sector Capacity Building to PWAPalestinian Authorityلا يوجد GazaGaza19/4/201707/05/2017Under offeringMore
GSD / AFD / 2017/30Provide consulting services for the benefit of joint training services to villages west of JeninPalestinian Water Authorityلا يوجدJeninAlyammon16/01/201714/2/2017Under studyingMore
2016/065-CTD Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project - Phase I HRWWTPPWA500 HebronHebron15/12/2016 06/03/2017Under offeringMore
PWA WORKS/ 5/2016The establishment of the village of Dar Salah pumping stationPalestinian Water Authority10000Bethlehemvillage of Deir Salah18/ 7/ 20168 آب 2016DoneMore
PWA WORKS 4/2016Project Tnchae alrehya vector village water linePalestinian Water Authority8000 Hebron alrehya village18/ 7/ 20168 آب 2016DoneMore
PWA WORKS 6/2016 The establishment of a village water tank Bartaa / JeninPalestinian Water Authority30000JeninThe village of Bartaa18/ 7/ 201608 اب 2016 DoneMore
29:44/06/2016Establish water tanker lines, mainly in the municipality of Bani Zaid / RamallahPalestinian Water Authority50000RamallahBani Zaid18/ 7/ 20168/8/2016DoneMore
29:43/6/2016 Construction of a pumping station and line carrier tank Bani Zaid / first phasePWA15000RamalaahBani Zaid2016/06/1612 تموز 2016 DoneMore
29:33/05/2016Construction of a water reservoir PWA21000Qalqilya2016/05/0225 أيار 2016DoneMore
P117443Water Sector Capacity Building to PWAPWA...Ramalaah2016/04/2416/ 05/ 2016Under studyingMore
29:31/04/2016Construction project is part of the internal distribution of water to the village of Azzun Atma network QalqilyaPWA40000Qalqilya24/04/201615 أيار 2016DoneMore
29:30/4/2016 Construction of a major water line to the town of punishment / TubasPWA40000Tubas24/04/201615 ايار 2016DoneMore
PWA WORKS 2/201Supply and installation of water / embryo / Ektaba / Azzun pumpsPWA10000Jenin / Tulkarem / Qalqilia24/04/201616/ ايار / 2016DoneMore
29:29/4/2016 Consultancy Services for Public Awareness Campaign for Al-yamoon Water SystemsPWA3000Ramalaah2016/04/182016/06/01DoneMore
PWA – WORKS 1/2016 Exchange line healthy national security camp projectSalfit10000Salfit2016/04/182016/05/11DoneMore
78/2016 Water supply and spare equipment and pipelinesPWA5%Ramalaah2016/04/072016/05/03DoneMore
29:18/04/2016Consultancy Services for Public Awareness Campaign for Misilya Sanitation Systems PWA3000Jenin04/04/201617/05/2016DoneMore
29:8/03/2016construction of North-West Jenin Villages Water Supply ProjectPWA180000Jenin10/03/20169/5/2016DoneMore
pwa/01/2016200028-29/ 02-2016 7/03/2016More
29:138/12/2015ثلاثة عشر الف 2015/12/272016/01/13More
29:121/12/201545000 08/ 12/ 20152015/12/21More
لا يوجد لا يوجد 2014/09/152014/11/12More
CPS 1018-2لا يوجد تموز 20142015/07/16More
PWA\GZ-KFW 02/201528,000.002015/08/212015/10/22More
PWA\GZ-KFW 01/2015 28,000.00 2015/08/212015/10/22More
29:97/11/2015Implementation of internal water networks in TubasPalestinian Water Authority65000TubasTubas , Aqaba, Tyaser2015/11/012015/11/16DoneMore
06/2015Supply and installation of water conditioners to the headquarters of pine / district authorityPWA5% Ramalaah2015/11/092015/11/18Under studyingMore

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